KyongJae Lee



1968.03-1975.02 Department of Forestry, College of Agriculture, Seoul National Univeresity Forestry, Bachelor's of Forestry

1976.03-1978.08 Graduate School of Forestry, Seoul National University Forestry, Master's of Forestry

1980.03-1984.02 Graduate of School of Forestry, Seoul National University Forest Ecology, Ph.D. of Agriculture


2014.09-Present Environmental Ecosystem Research Foundation(ERF), Chairman
1984.03-2014.08 Dep. of Landscape Architecture, College of Urban science, Univ. of Seoul, Professor
2000.09-2007.02 Special Commission for Pre-Environmental Review System and Environmental Impact Assessment, Han River Basin Environmental Office, Counsel
2000.01-2006.02 Urban Public Park Committee, City of Seoul, Counsel
2002.06-2006.06 Housing and Urban Research Institute, Korea National Housing Corporation, Non-permenent researcher
2004.04-2006.04 Korea National Housing Corporation, Green Building Deliberation Commission, Counsel
2004.04-2005.07 Engineering Consultant Commission, SH Corporation, Counsel
2004.04-2007.03 Consultant for Korea National Housing Corporation, Counsel
2004.03-2006.03 Incheon Urban Dev. Corp. Advisory Board, Special Counsel
2004.04-2014.04 Editing Commission, Korean Society of Environment and Ecology, Counsel
2004.10-2008.10 Special Counsel for National Parks Commission, Special Counsel
2006.04-Present Korean Society of Environment and Ecology, Advisor
2006.09-2008.09 Citizens' Committee for Green Seoul, Counsel