Environmental Ecology Institute(Bong-ho Han)

Environmental Ecology Institute at University of Seoul was launched in 1984 by Lee, kyong Jae. As the direction of our Institute has responded to the changes of society for 30years as followed: Landscape Dendrology Institute → Environmental Ecology Institute → Environmental Ecology Development Institute → Eco-plan Institute → Urban Ecology Institute → Environmental Ecology Institute

Since retirement of Prof. Lee, Kyong Jae on Aug. 2014, Prof. Han, Bong Ho has been leading our institute. The institute based on the academic philosophy of ‘sil sa gu si’ which means getting a definite judgement and solution through objective fact and ‘Publish or Perish’. The goal of the institute is the application of our rich experiences and study results to the ecological spaces and the related plans.

Institute provide a variety of research fields including application of ecological planning on urban planning, establishment of environmentally friendly urban management through the analysis of current status of urban ecosystem, ecological characteristics and deterioration status and restoration of urban green spaces, the establishment plan of an urban ecological park and the conservation and restoration strategy of ecosystem, etc.