Research interests

  • Tour & Leisure Plan (Young-geun Kim)
    Since its foundation in October, 2001, Tour & Leisure Plan at University of Seoul has been researching on tour & leisure and local revitalization, turning out many graduates till present day.
    The lab's area of interest is in tour & leisure activity related research based on the leisure theory.
    The lab puts emphasis on social scientific research methods, and thus it identifies theoretical reasons for users' behaviors and plans activity programs, as well as physical space plans due to its background in Science of Landscape Architecture.

  • Research Office of Historical Culture & Landscape (Hyun-su So)
    Historical value is resurrected as 'Ancient Future' tells. In this respect, the ancestors' culture and landscape, which had been adapted to the natural order, are the fields which landscape architects need to explore. Research Office of Historical Culture & Landscape is concerned about identifying the landscape models in the traditional landscape by interpreting the ancestors' grace and wisdom in it. The research consists of field surveys, close reading the records and deliberations. We extend the value of landscape architecture by consilience of the humanities and science including folklore, geography, literature, history of art, botany and ecology and we seek the role of traditional landscapes at the landscaping practice. In the pursuit of this purpose, we carry out the research based on traditional aesthetics, traditional ecology and traditional reproduction and it is convinced we contribute to establish the base of Korean landscape with the accumulated results of research.

  • Landscape architecture Design Studio (Ahyeon Kim)
    The primary objective of our design/research lab is to research and practice multi-level subjects of the landscape architectural design of our time.
    We approach the landscape design through the lens of site specificity, and we strive to define the role of landscape design in the context of collaborative design practice.
    We accumulate a variety of results by conducting diverse designing projects such as design competitions, participatory designs, installations, research-oriented designs, and design/build projects, and by studying academic and theoretical research on urban and local landscapes.

  •  Environmental Ecology Institute(Bong-ho Han)
    Environmental Ecology Institute at University of Seoul was launched in 1984 by Lee, kyong Jae. As the direction of our Institute has responded to the changes of society for 30years as followed: Landscape Dendrology Institute → Environmental Ecology Institute → Environmental Ecology Development Institute → Eco-plan Institute → Urban Ecology Institute → Environmental Ecology Institute
    Since retirement of Prof. Lee, Kyong Jae on Aug. 2014, Prof. Han, Bong Ho has been leading our institute. The institute based on the academic philosophy of ‘sil sa gu si’ which means getting a definite judgement and solution through objective fact and ‘Publish or Perish’. The goal of the institute is the application of our rich experiences and study results to the ecological spaces and the related plans.

  • Landscape Planning Lab
    Landscape Planning Lab basically studies the theory and practice of urban landscape planning. Based on these perspectives, strategy and technique of urban landscape design are studied. It studies historical changes, legislations, and techniques of urban landscape planning and theoretical study of cityscape. Urban landscape management, strategy, and assessment are analytically conducted. Lastly, cityscape design, environmental design, and public design interrelated with these techniques are studied.

  • Landscape detail & construction Lab
    Researcher in this Lab. with professionalist in landscape practice together study the theories, technologies, and legal system focused on landscape details design and landscape construction. Our research are concretely classified as following categories, landscape detail design, landscape materials and products, landscape structure and technology, and legal and criteria system of landscape practice. Recently we have worked together with the government run research institutes and the institutions related with landscape practice and contribute to the advancement of landscape industry and academy.  

  • Studio Mode.L. (Youngmin Kim)
    Owing to technological improvement of productivity, ironically, mankind was able to separated himself from nature, the traditional base for production. The clear boundary between the city and nature has been blurred with rapid growth of urban population. In contemporary urbanization, landscape became the new media to rethink ambiguous edges of the city. Studio Mode.L. aims to deal with diverse types of urban landscape through planning and design. We try to expand the field of landscape architecture in two directions. Externally we experiment interdisciplinary approaches on landscape integrating methods of architecture, urban planning, engineering, computer science, sociology as well as landscape architecture. Internally, we try to discover new theoretical lens to reconstruct conventional framework and methodology of landscape architecture.